Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel in the Okanagan British Columbia, Canada » Summer Activities Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:28:45 +0000 en hourly 1 How to ride a wave on Lake Okanagan Mon, 28 May 2012 17:36:26 +0000 admin Just like all Canadians, once the snow melts we start rubbing our hands together and stomping our feet in anticipation of summer.  And oh what a summer it will be in the Okanagan at the Summerland Waterfront Resort.

For some, summer means soaking up the sun lizard-style by the pool.  This of course, involves as little movement as possible with the occasional refreshing dip in the pool.  While for others summer means getting in as much action as possible.  For those who are seeking more than a toe dip in the pool, Summerland Boat Rentals on Lake Okanagan has an experience for you – wakeboarding.

The first time I tried wakeboarding I remember it well.  The setting was Lake Okanagan on a hot summer’s day.  I jumped off the boat, donning my wet suit and discovered the  lake was like bath water with cooler water a few feet deeper.  It was refreshing and welcoming.  The boat circled and the tow rope slithered past me on the water.  I reached out and grabbed the handle and turned into position.  My thoughts were – “when the line goes taught, just stand up, that’s all you have to do”.   I didn’t have any lessons or nuggets of instruction under my belt.  It was me and my determination out there bobbing around.  The motor revved and the boat shot off.  The line got taught like a guitar string and I held on for dear life.  My butt was out of the water but for some reason my hands, followed by my head were cutting through the water like a torpedo.  This carried on long enough for me to feel like I was being pressure washed.  Someone on that boat was gracious enough to see that this wasn’t going well and the boat slowed down.  I threw my head back took a deep breath and snorted, what felt like a gallon of water out of my nose!  I didn’t have Larry Pidperyhora.

Lake Okanagan Wakeboard Lessons

Larry Pidperyhora Wakeboarding

Larry Pidperyhora, Wakeboard Wizard, as he has been named by Westworld Magazine (Summer 2012), is a certified WSWBC Instructor providing wakeboard lessons to guests and visitors of the Summerland Waterfront Resort for 3 years.  The Summerland Waterfront Resort’s boathouse school boasts merciful wind-protection (great for beginners) on Lake Okanagan at nearby sheltered coves.  The Learn to Wakeboard program offers Professional Instruction B.C. Water Ski & Wakeboard Association certified coaches. You don’t have to have ever put your feet on a surfboard, snowboard or skate board to get the hang of wake boarding. People of all ages and abilities can do this.  You can just do a stand up cruise on the board behind the boat or if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge you can cross the wake.


Wakeboard lessons at the Summerland Resort Hotel on Lake Okanagan are $69 per half hour, per person.  This includes your instruction, your Tige tournament wake boat with a 9 speaker stereo system, gas, gear and even a report card, which I suggest you proudly display on your fridge.  You can even get a group together of up to seven people and all learn how to wakeboard together – a great memory of your Okanagan wedding or family reunion.  Or book the popular Learn to Wakeboard Package which includes Okanagan hotel accommodations with your wakeboard lessons from $251 per night for two adults.

With Larry and the other SWR Rental wakeboard coaches on your side, you are likely to get better instruction than “when the line goes taught, just stand up”.  And trust me… you’ll be thankful for that.

Check out Larry in action shredding it up on YouTube from the Summerland Waterfront Resort – a Lake Okanagan hotel

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