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Vinotherapy Spa Treatment

After a day of Okanagan Wine Tours our Guests can enjoy the relaxation of our Timeless Eternity Vinotherapy Spa Experience.  The Okanagan Pip scrub is gingerly scrubbed and applied to stimulate the body’s circulation and exfoliate the skin prior to a period of relaxation in our infrared sauna.  With the body now warmed and the skin’s pores opened to soak in the delicious honey wine mixture we generously massage the application into your skin.

    Lastly, this soften skin and your jelly muscles are wrapped in insulating sheets and blankets and to help you drift off into a sleepy slumber while you enjoy a meaningful face and scalp massage that opens your ‘seat of spiritual vision’.  Thirty minutes later a steamy shower completes the final rinse where the old ‘aura’ falls away and the newly cleansed aura and silken skin is revealed and you face the big decision: a Red or White wine Vinotherapy Massage? Indulgent and Hedonistic?  YES.

Vinotherapy Entices
    Wellness and Wine Lovers Alike 
    Beyond Wrapture Day Spa is One of the First to Introduce
    New Healing, Grape-based Therapies
     KELOWNA, Okanagan Valley, BC – Beyond Wrapture Day Spa is celebrating this year’s 22nd Annual Okanagan Wine Festival with the launch of its revolutionary Vinotherapy treatments. “Research shows that grape seeds, stems and skins contain antioxidants called polyphenols, which are 10,000 times stronger and 50 times more healing than Vitamin E,” says Debra Pender, Owner of Beyond Wrapture Day Spa. 
     “We’ll use the by-products that the winery normally disposes of – the pips, stems and skins – all of which contain a valuable antioxidant called Resveratol,” she explains.  “Grape vines produce this molecule naturally to combat parasites. As fungal infections are more common in cooler growing climates, like that of the Okanagan, grapes grown here have a higher concentration of Resveratrol. We’re working with Summerhill Estate Winery because they grow their grapes organically.”
    For the ultimate in luxury, Beyond Wrapture has introduced Timeless Eternity, a three-hour signature treatment that combines an Okanagan Vinotherapy Grape Pip Scrub with a Honey Wine Body Wrap and a Grape-Seed Oil Massage. A two-hour version, entitled Tranquil Reflections includes a Vinotherapy 
    Grape Pip Scrub combined with either a Vinotherapy Massage or the Honey Wine Body Wrap, or you can choose Simply Spa Bliss, the 75-minute Vinotherapy massage.
    Grape-seed oil, used in Beyond Wrapture’s Vinotherapy massage, is high in oligomeric proanthoscyanidins (PCO), another powerful antioxidant which can greatly reduce the damage created by free radicals, strengthen and repair connective tissue and promote enzyme activity at the skin cell level. 
    A pharmacology professor from Bordeaux University, Joseph Vercauteren, planted the original idea of using the grape for skin-care products in the 1990’s and in 2000, the first Vinotherapy spa was opened at Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux, France. In May, 2002, the Caudalie Spa opened at the Sterling Club at Turnberry Place (a members-only health and fitness spa) in Las Vegas, the first Vinotherapy centre in the US. 
    Beyond Wrapture is the first spa in western Canada to offer Vinotherapy treatments and Pender expects her new menu of options to be very popular with clients. “It’s clear that the antioxidants found in grapes can a positive effect on one’s well being and our new signature Vinotherapy services tie-in to our thriving winery industry,” says Pender. “People who love fine wines, world-class cuisine and the ultimate in spa treatments, will find themselves at home in the Okanagan.” 
    Founded in 1994, Beyond Wrapture Day Spa was the first full service spa to open in Kelowna. It also operates Beyond Wrapture Day Spa at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and seasonally in the Chateau Big White at Big White Ski Resort, and Lake Okanagan Resort . For more information on Beyond Wrapture’s new Vinotherapy treatments, please call 250 448.8899. A complete list of spa services can be found at:  www.beyondwrapture.com. 
To book this spa package, please call Beyond Wrapture Day Spa directly at 250.448.8899 or email appointment888@beyondwrapture.com