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posted by: Summerland Resort on: May 29, 2014 3:41:48 PM
There’s no doubt that the Okanagan Valley is one of the best spots in BC to hit the water, but for those who prefer to have their summer fun on solid ground, the area offers its fair share of inland adventures. 
When you stay with Summerland Waterfront Resort for your Okanagan vacation, you’ll have more than just the lake at your doorstep. Our resort is within minutes of dozens of top attractions for visitors who prefer to admire the water from a dry distance.
Travelling down the only preserved section of a historic railway that winds through some of the Okanagan’s most spectacular scenery, the Kettle Valley Steam Railway will transport you into a long-past era. You’ll take the journey on a resorted 1912 steam locomotive, with lively commentary and theatrical performance from a knowledgeable and talented crew of guides and players. It’s an educational experience for kids and lot a fun for the whole family. 
Don’t be afraid to get dirty! An ATV tour is one of the most exciting and exclusive ways to explore the picturesque Okanagan countryside and wildernesses. Okanagan ATV tours offers a variety of excursions for all confidence levels, whether you want to cruise gently along scenic paths or rip through backcountry trails. 
Earning rave reviews from practically everyone who’s tried it, the zipline adventures at zip zone offer an experience of the Okanagan that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Soar at high speed, hundreds of feet above the ground, across canyons and gorges. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, and incredibly thrilling!
For more ideas on how to make the most of your Okanagan vacation, stay tuned to our Summerland Waterfront Resort blog. We look forward to providing you and your family with full-service resort accommodations on the shores of Lake Okanagan this summer!

Snow Birds love Summerland. And we aren’t just talking about the winged creatures that call our region home or the team of air force stunt planes that soar across Okanagan skies during Peach Fest. By “snow birds”, we mean those folks who have earned an extended wintertime vacation. Their getaway might be for a few weeks or a few months but the important thing is that it offers an extended escape to a place where they can relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

Now, in most cases, snow birds seek a destination somewhere southerly, where temperatures are in the 30s and margaritas are served on the beach. But we argue that there is no better place for the snow bird to retreat to than right here in the beautiful British Columbia Okanagan, where mild winter weather, world-class outdoor recreation, breathtaking scenery and amazing food and wine attract thousands of visitors every winter.

Here at Summerland Waterfront Resort, we couldn’t be better equipped to host snow birds in the utmost comfort. Our variety of spacious suites will put you in the lap of luxury while making you feel right at home. Choose from Deluxe Studio Suites, One Bedroom Suites and Two Bedroom Suites with picturesque bluff views or lake views. In every elegantly appointed suite, you’ll find a wide range of convenient amenities including a full kitchen with state of the art appliances and amenities.

Onsite at Summerland Waterfront Resort, you can indulge in a lavish massage therapy and beauty treatments at our spa, dine in style at Local Lounge • Grille, breathe deep of the winter air in our outdoor hot tub, and join other guests for regional wine tours and sightseeing.

If wine is your fancy, there’s no better place to stay. Just a few minutes from our resort you’ll find the world-renowned Bottleneck Drive Wineries, who offer tours, tastings and much more for both the casual wine lover and the connoisseur alike.

To get started planning your snow bird getaway at Summerland Waterfront Resort, give us a call today. We would be happy to put together an extended-stay accommodation package that uniquely suits your individual desires and budget.    


From the Wild West to the Great Canadian North, railroads are the centerpieces of legends and the records of some momentous chapters in history. In Summerland, the Kettle Valley Steam Railway brings legends to life and history to the present as it invites you to hop aboard a 1912 steam locomotive for a journey through the picturesque Okanagan countryside.


10 km of the century-old and nearly forgotten Kettle Valley Railway provides track for the magnificently restored “No. 3716” locomotive, winding through a sublime landscape of orchards, vineyard and rolling hills. Every detail of the awe-inspiring steam-powered machine is meticulously maintained by a devoted crew who operate it not for profit, but for the love of this essential piece of our heritage.

The 90-minute journey begins at the Prairie Valley Station, 6 km west of Highway 97 in Summerland. Travelling through the Prairie Valley, passengers are regaled with historical narration, live music and fun games for kids. Crossing Trout Creek Bridge—once ranked among the highest in North America— offers passengers a breathtaking view of Okanagan Lake and the canyon below.


Regular departures operate during the spring and summer and special departures take place throughout the year. The upcoming Easter Train on Saturday, March 30 will mark the first departure of 2013. A hit with kids, this ride features live music and a special appearance from the Easter Bunny who will be hopping through the coaches, greeting passengers and handing out treats to the kids.

For an even more vivid and fun glimpse into a bygone era, you can take a trip on the Great Train Robbery tour, which operates weekly during the summer. This immersive historical experience combines a locomotive ride with a lighthearted reenactment of an old-fashioned railroad stick-up by the Garnett Valley Gang performers. Once it’s all over, you’ll be treated to a BBQ buffet fit for a king. And, of course, any cash that you hand over to the bandits will be donated to charity!


The Kettle Valley Steam Railway is just a 15-minute drive from our Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel and Spa, making it a hugely popular attraction with our guests and one that we hope you will enjoy as much as we have.