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The Sweet Life: 6 Great Spots To Sample Summerland’s Famous Fruit

posted by: Summerland Resort on: September 16, 2013 4:55:02 PM
From crisp apples and succulent peaches to perfectly ripe cherries, Summerland, B.C. is famous for its enticing orchards and fruit stands. Plus, much of the produce in the Okanagan region is available from June right up to late autumn.
For decades, the community of Summerland has stayed true to its fruit-farming roots. A government agricultural research facility, now called the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, was set up here in 1914. This led to many different varieties of produce being developed in the area.
From sun-splashed orchards to quaint fruit stands set along the highway, fruit aficionados will have no problem finding something to sink their teeth into while visiting Summerland. There are plenty of great producers in our community, so here’s just a taste of what you can find in the area.
The Dickinson Family Farm made the record books by being home to the world’s tallest tripod orchard ladder. But this family-run farm also deserves kudos for its amazing selection of fresh fruit. Roam through the 10-acre orchard during a guided tour or grab some u-pick cherries. Prunes, pears, apricots, plums and more are available from July until mid-October.
Granny’s Fruit Stand
This lovely country farm market offers a great selection of daily-picked fruit and vegetables. A small play area and popular ice cream shop makes this fruit stand a hit with the little ones. Granny’s Fruit Stand is also open in the fall, when they feature an array of plump pumpkins perfect for Halloween.
Book a guided tour of the orchard (be sure to call ahead first) and soak up stunning views of Okanagan Lake. Granny’s Fruit Stand is located at 13810 Highway 97. Call: (250) 494-7374.
Pancake syrups, gourmet jams and fruit-jelly candies are just for starters at Summerland Sweets. This family-owned business has been impressing fruit-lovers with its sweet creations for years. They offer more than a dozen different fruit syrups – plus three ‘spirited’ syrups – in addition to fruit leather snacks, nut brittle and candies.
You can find Summerland Sweets at 6206 Canyon View Road. Call:(250) 494-0377
Robert's Fruit Market & Orchard
Another favorite along Highway 97, Robert's Fruit Market & Orchard is always piled with fresh fruit and vegetables. You’ll also find a bakery where they sell delicious homemade fruit pies. Wander through the market and browse the preserves and jellies or grab an ice cream and enjoy the sun on the picnic tables outside.
Robert's Fruit Market & Orchard is located at 13041 Highway 97. Call: (250) 494-5541.
Blossom Fruit Stand
Set near the stunning Sun Oka Beach Provincial Park, this cozy stand offers locally grown fruit and vegetables plus artisan-style treats like jams, jellies and preserves.  Grab a tasty snack and then unwind on the nearby beach.
The Blossom Fruit Stand is located at 5408 Highway 97. Call: 250-494-1111.
These wine vinegars may not be as sweet as fresh fruit, but they are another delicious example of Summerland’s diverse produce. Artfully crafted using grapes from a two-acre vineyard, these vinegars can provide that extra spark to a variety of cuisine. You can sample these creations at The Vinegar Works farm shop from July to October or anytime by appointment.
You’ll find The Vinegar Works at 10216 Gould Ave. Call: 250-494-7300.
And after a day spent exploring fruit stands and orchards in the Summerland area, there’s no better place to relax than at the Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel.
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