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Debate Important Issues and Ponder Big Questions at Philosophers' Cafe Events

posted by: Summerland Resort on: January 15, 2014 2:05:32 PM
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For anyone who’s ever sat in a bar or café having a vigorous debate about politics, current events, or the meaning of life, you’ll likely fit right in at the Summerland Art Gallery’s new Philosophers’ Café events.

If you’re the type who would jump at the chance to time-travel to a Parisian coffee house, circa 1899 to sip cappuccino among high society and pontificate about various intellectual matters, you’ll likely love the Philosophers Café events.

And if you’re the kind of person who simply has an interest in topics of great impact to our society and the world, you might find yourself enlightened and enthused by the Philosophers Café events.

So what exactly is the Philosophers’ Café? In short, it’s a meeting of scholars, community leaders and ordinary folk like you and me, who come together to discuss, debate and share their feelings on a variety of issues. If you’re a little intimidated by the thought of “philosophizing”, don’t be. Although the discussions are, indeed, grounded in philosophical ideas, they don’t require a university degree, just an open mind.

Philosophers Café events take place at the Summerland Art Gallery (9533 Main Street, Summerland, BC). Admission is by donation. Doors open at 6:30pm and the discussion begins at 7:00pm. You can find a full list of upcoming events on the Summerland Arts website. Here’s a sample of what’s coming up:

  • January 22 – Arts and Culture: How are they important to our quality of life
  • February 12 – Community Space, Public Places: What is the value of public space to our community?
  • March 12 – Decision Making and Taking Action – Reason vs. Emotion – Mind & Heart – a Cross Cultural Perspective

The Summerland Art Gallery is located just a 5-minute drive from Summerland Waterfront Resort. For more ideas on activities and events happening around Summerland in the coming months, stay tuned to our blog!

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